Plumbing installation is a very broad area that specialises in many types of plumbing services. Installation service covers the following.

Maintenance plumbing:

maintaining tap-ware and repairing any type of kitchen sink faucet and bath faucets. cleaning out spouting to installing and upgrading old spouting. Roof repairs and gutter maintenance. Replacing old toilets and toilet plumbing repairs. kitchen InSinkErator drain and leak repair. Shower, plumbing leaks and pressure issues.

New homes

We install the best pipe materials into new homes. we give the best warranties that money can buy. being a new home we will not compromise on any plumbing materials that will go into any of our new homes. Workmanship and Quality are what we like to deliver.


it could be as small as relocating a toilet plumbing installation to a shower plumbing upgrade. whatever your needs are we can tailor to your wishes of what you want in a bathroom, sink, kitchen, laundry or en-suite.